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Campaign Staff

Arena is a home base for campaign staff and movement leaders

Campaigns come and go but Arena is here to stay. We’ve built an enduring community of passionate practitioners and have programs and resources to help you learn, find jobs, and build your network. Since 2019, we have trained more than 7,000 campaign staff and movement leaders and supported tens of thousands of others through our Arena Toolbox, Arena Careers services, and the Arena Staff Fellowship. Learn more about how we can support you wherever you are in your political journey. 

Wherever you are in your career, Arena is here for you


Arena will empower you to turn your values into victories, as you learn from the most creative, strategic, and successful campaigners in the business. From our flagship Arena Academy program to our advanced Arena Academy 201 offerings, there’s a program that’s right for you.

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Career Support

Our goal is to demystify the political hiring process and equip you with the relevant skills and tools to successfully navigate a career in politics. All of our services are free of charge so that you can focus on what matters most – finding a job that makes an impact. 

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Campaign Tools

The Arena Toolbox is a collection of free toolkits, tutorials, and templates to help you build winning campaigns. Whether you are preparing for a job interview or trying to build a spreadsheet alone in your campaign office late at night, the Arena Toolbox is the helpline you need.

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Arena Staff Fellowship

The Arena Staff Fellowship is a unique opportunity to work in a paid role on a high-impact state legislative race while receiving additional guidance and support from the Arena team. Arena provides a generous salary, health care, mentorship, training, and a peer community to all Arena Staff Fellows as they work to build and defend Democratic majorities at the state level. 

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Arena-Trained Staff

Making an impact at campaigns and movement organizations.

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Tarah Marshall

After Arena Academy, Tarah worked for Senator Corey Booker’s presidential campaign.
2019 Arena Academy Graduate

Adrian Esquivias

After Arena Academy, Adrian worked as a finance director for a Los Angeles City Council race.
2021 Arena Academy Graduate

Joco Soto

After Arena Academy, Joco worked as the field director for Mayor Ron Nirenberg’s campaign.
2023 Arena Academy Graduate

David White

After Arena Academy, David became a data analyst at Zinc Labs.
2021 Arena Academy Graduate