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Arena is the one stop hiring shop for Democratic campaigns and movement organizations. Whether you’re looking to post open roles, reach out directly to active job seekers, or learn how to run a smarter hiring process, Arena is here for you. We’ve helped connect hundreds of employers to the talent they need–and we do it all free of charge! Let us help you build the teams that power victories. Tap into our resources today!

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Hiring? Post your job for free on the Arena Careers Jobs Board. We’ll also feature it in our daily jobs digest, an email that reaches 10K+ active job seekers.

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Arena has equipped thousands of people with the skills to build winning campaigns. Easily search, filter, and connect with our diverse pool of active job seekers. 

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Run a Smart Hiring Process

Political hiring is fast-paced and often overwhelming. As a hiring manager, you might find yourself doing three jobs: the job of hiring, the job you’re hiring for, and your job. This can lead to hiring processes that are unprofessional, inequitable, and leave job seekers in the dark. 

Arena is here to help you run a smart, equitable, and communicative hiring process that lands top talent on your team. Check out our suite of free tools to level up your hiring process:

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Train your Team

Training teams is hard, and you’ve got work to do. So let us take training off your plate. Arena has trained thousands of people on campaign management, finance, data, digital, and organizing. You can send your team to one of our many varied trainings or work with us to develop a bespoke training just for your organization. We’ve worked with campaigns, state parties, movement organizations, and more. Email to discuss your needs and find the Arena training solution that’s right for you.

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The Arena Impact

Arena has been an invaluable partner for ADLCC and candidates in Arizona. From engaging and hiring staff who have been through their training to providing staff with ongoing education, Arena has been an essential part of ensuring our down ballot races receive strong, professional, trained, and passionate staff. We are so appreciative of this partnership!

— Elsa O’Callaghan, ADLCC Executive Director

Finding qualified campaign staff can be a huge barrier to our candidates – but Arena has been an instrumental tool with connecting our candidates to well trained campaign staff ready to go on day one. The First Ask is so grateful for the work that Arena is doing and we know that they will continue to be an essential partner in hiring.

— Caroline Welles, Executive Director, The First Ask

Arena has been a tremendous support for the Yes on 4 Florida campaign. Whether it’s connecting our campaign to skilled applicants, or providing in depth training for our staff once they’re brought on board, Arena has been the one stop shop for our staff infrastructure support needs. Not only have they provided tools and resources for our staffing needs, they also have provided industry expert live support through the staff and trainers made available to you. I can not recommend Arena Academy to other campaign professionals enough!

— Taylor Aguilera, Organizing Director, Yes on 4, Floridians Protecting Freedom

“The Arena Daily Digest is the best place to go if you’re looking for your first job or your next job in politics! Easily the best-curated list in the industry!”

— Adrian Esquivias

The ProGeorgia team was thrilled to attend the careers fair at Arena Summit. The candidates were excited, engaging, and thrilled to be in the room with nonprofits ready to hire new talent! What an exciting and impactful event! ProGeorgia will continue to partner with the Arena on further endeavors.

— Ophelia Glynn, Chief People and Culture Officer, Pro Georgia
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