We convene, train, and support the next generation of candidates and campaign staff.

Illustration by Daniel Gray-Barnett


Arena Summit

We host the Arena Summit, which brings together candidates, staff, and activists to align on vision, create community, and build lasting relationships.

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Illustration by Julia Rothman


Arena Academy

We invest in the next generation of political talent through the Arena Academy, which equips them with the skills, knowledge, and tools they need to build winning campaigns and movements.

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Illustration by Julia Rothman
Illustration by Julia Rothman


Arena Candidates

We recruit and match talent to progressive candidate campaigns. Then, we provide coaching, best practices, and resources to help campaign teams grow and succeed in their careers.

We also provide the tools and resources to arm yourself in the Arena.

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Discover toolkits, tutorials, and templates for building winning campaigns.

Illustration by Daniel Gray-Barnett

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