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The Arena Staff Fellowship

The Arena Staff Fellowship places a select cadre of Arena-trained staff on critical state legislative races in states where a Democrat majority is within reach or needs to be defended. These Arena Staff Fellows fill critical staffing gaps, often doubling capacity on races that will determine the balance of power at the state level. Arena provides a generous salary, health care, mentorship, training, and a peer community to all Arena Staff Fellows. The result is a high impact program that powers Democratic victories and accelerates Arena Staff Fellows’ careers.

Why State Legislative Races?

Although state legislatures have a critical impact on our lives — governing everything from voting rights, to criminal justice reform, to healthcare and reproductive freedoms — Democratic state legislative races are often underfunded and understaffed. As a result, Republicans controlled state legislatures in 30 states heading into the 2022 midterms. We need to change that. Arena Staff Fellows add critical capacity to key state legislative races, providing the added support that is necessary to achieve victory in districts with razor thin margins. 

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The Arena Impact

Powering Victories through the Arena Staff Fellowship

In 2022, Arena Staff Fellows secured Democratic majorities in Michigan and Pennsylvania and defended the progress we’ve made in Arizona.

See Yourself in the Arena

Arena’s Staff Fellowship can change the course of your career.

Janie Dusenberry

Arena Staff Fellow as the field director for Wendy Gooditis for Virginia State Representative.
2021 Arena Academy Graduate

Chartu Lopez White

Arena Staff Fellow as the campaign manager for Jamie DeMent Holcomb for North Carolina Senate.
2021 Arena Academy Graduate

Alba María Roldán

Arena Staff Fellow as the finance director for Johanny Cepeda-Freitz for Pennsylvania House.
2022 Arena Academy Graduate

Xóchitl Rascón

Arena Staff Fellow as the finance assistant for Arizona’s 13th Legislative District.
2022 Arena Academy Graduate

Meet the Candidates

Arena Staff Fellows support candidates whose races will determine Democratic majorities. Meet some of the candidates who’ve won with the support of Arena Staff Fellows. 

Danica Roem

Delegate, Virginia’s 13th District

Johanny Cepeda-Freytiz

State Representative, Pennsylvania’s 129th District

Clinton Jenkins

Delegate, Virginia’s 76th District

Wendy Gooditis

Delegate, Virginia’s 10th District

Judy Schwiebert

State Representative, Arizona’s 2nd District

Mandy Steele

State Representative, Pennsylvania’s 33rd District