Values-Driven Management


Too often, campaigns do not live up to their progressive values, especially when making BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and People of Color) staff feel heard, affirmed, and empowered on campaigns. As such, the progressive talent pipeline loses talented staff each cycle. Managers on campaigns are uniquely situated to proactively address some of the challenges campaigns face when living up to their values.

Two Fellows, Taré Suriel and Santiago Rosales, spent six weeks crafting a survey, conducting interviews, and compiling findings and recommendations for future campaign staff and managers.

The tools we linked out to here are recommendations and resources specific to managers on campaigns. We hope that these tools can help build teams with equity & inclusivity from the start.


  • Research Summary
  • Laying the Groundwork for Inclusive and Affirming Campaigns
    • Wellbeing 
    • Job Search
    • Week One (checklist) 
    • Hiring
    • Team Agreement
    • Onboarding New Staff
  • Managing for Inclusive and Affirming Campaigns 
    • Manager’s Weekly Checklist
    • Advocating for Your Staff
    • Talking about and Embracing Equity and Inclusion
    • Guiding Staff Post-Election

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