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Takeovers + Unique Ad Opportunities

In Depth Assessment

Outside of your standard advertising options, sometimes we want something that will let us add a little razzle dazzle to our plans. Enter: takeovers and unique ad opportunities. These are usually bought directly with a single publisher or platform, are generally short term buys (often single days), and can sometimes incorporate custom-built ad creative. Homepage takeovers are a common type of highly viewable, short term buy where the advertiser is able to occupy every ad space on a website’s homepage, creating an all-encompassing effect. In recent times, first impression takeovers (wherein an advertiser is able to occupy every ad space on the first page a user visits) are as common, if not more so, than homepage takeovers as fewer people tend to start their journey on a site’s homepage. Aside from these more out of the box options, publishers often have premium ad units that are specific to their own offerings; these could look like a real-time countdown clock unit, a pop up video, a sponsored newsletter, and more.

Website Takeovers

Quick Facts

Takeovers + Unique Ad Opportunities
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Skill Level Needed to Buy Ads

Expert Touch Needed

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Typically Managed By

Ad Agencies

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Notable Targeting Capabilities

  • Geotargeting
  • Demographic targeting (sometimes)
  • Behavioral targeting (sometimes)
  • Contextual targeting (sometimes)
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Available Creative Formats

  • Videos (6s, 15s, 30s)
  • Static Graphics
  • Gifs
  • Custom Ad Units

Additional Resources

The Online Advertising Guide: Homepage Takeovers Designing Full Page Takeovers 101 Political disclaimers, typically in line with FEC requirements: FEC Advertising and disclaimers

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