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Our Team

Debra Cohen

Partner & Digital Director

Debra Cohen (she/her) is a seasoned digital strategist with over a decade of experience in utilizing digital tools to drive electoral success and policy change. She oversees the Arena Careers team and digital program at Arena.

Prior to Arena, Debra managed a team of digital organizers on the Sierra Club’s Beyond Coal campaign. Under her leadership, the team successfully contributed to the retirement of 317 of America’s 500 coal plants. In her career, Debra has worked on Democratic campaigns up and down the ballot from state legislative races to the Presidential—getting her start in 2012 when she led a team of organizers to deliver a historic victory for President Obama in Virginia. After this, she went on to work for President Obama’s non-profit, Organizing for Action, where she spearheaded the formation of a nationwide distributed organizing team, achieving milestones such as enrolling individuals in the Affordable Care Act, advancing Marriage Equality, and holding climate change deniers in Congress accountable.

Debra holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Virginia.

She loves rooting for the U.S. Women’s National Soccer Team, cheering on the WNBA, and biking.