We help promising first time candidates enter the arena and run for office.

Meet the candidates who ran in 2018
Illustration by Julia Rothman
Our areas of focus


1. Storytelling

Transformative candidates communicate a clear set of values that are grounded both in their personal story and the story of their district. Our early work with candidates focuses on identifying those values and telling a story that authentically connects those values to voters.


2. Campaign Leadership

Strong candidates can be derailed by weak campaign teams. That’s why we help candidates recruit, train, and hire top talent. Then, we offer ongoing coaching to support campaign leadership, and help to establish systems for professional growth as well as team accountability. We pair staff with mentors, and work with them to develop creative solutions as new challenges arise during the campaign.


3. Organizing

Campaigns succeed when they build trust with voters. We work with candidates to build robust organizing programs that meet voters where they are, connect with them on a personal level, and move them to take action. We provide campaigns with training, tools, and best practices grounded in political science research and tested in the field.

Top-notch advisors

Arena PAC advisors are here to help you build a winning campaign.

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Meet the candidates

Arena PAC candidates represent a new generation of leaders who ran for office because they believe in a more inclusive and equitable democracy.

Meet the candidates who ran in 2018
Illustration by Grace Danico

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