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Mar 9, 2020

Welcome the new members of Team Arena

As our mission evolves to meet the demands of the 2020 election calendar, our staff is evolving, too.

Ravi Gupta

Over the last year and a half, Arena has transformed from an organization mainly focused on Summits and other small convenings to an organization that trains and supports the next generation of leaders. As our mission evolves to meet the demands of the 2020 election calendar, our staff is evolving, too.

Earlier this month we hired Ashley Williams as Organizing 2020 Training Director. Before joining our team, Ashley worked for Swing Left where she was their Fellowship Director in charge of building a distributed training program for college students. As Training Director, she will help lead the team of experts responsible for coaching prospective campaign staff in battleground states like Florida and Wisconsin.

Because Arena and Arena Academy are growing quickly, last month we recruited Becca Israel to join us as our new Development Director. Becca has spent the past decade working to promote progressive causes and marginalized voices. Prior to Arena, they helped manage philanthropic engagement and strategy throughout the East Coast and Midwest for Bend the Arc, the leading national Jewish organization focused exclusively on social and political change in the U.S. In their short time here Becca has already proven invaluable to Arena by organizing donor events in cities across the country.

Further augmenting our 2020 election-readiness is Heather Schmucker, Arena’s new Associate. Previously, Heather was Open Progress’s Director of Digital Strategy and Organizing where she focused on building their peer-to-peer texting program. I’m happy to report we have already begun taking advantage of her expertise by launching a semi-annual Academy alumni survey for which Heather has led community outreach and collected valuable data on postgraduate placement and success stories.

Finally, Johannah King-Slutzky joined us earlier this fall as Arena’s new Digital Director. Johannah comes to us from the progressive consulting firm BerlinRosen where she focused on digital organizing and content development for advocacy movements, labor unions and nonprofits including the Poor People’s Campaign, SEIU, Human Rights Watch, and as an architect of the Teamsters’ 2020 digital strategy. At Arena, she is spearheading member growth through digital ads, email, and social media which have already contributed to over 5,000 new members of our community.

You can see a full roster of Team Arena here.


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