Thoughts on last night’s election

June 21, 2017

g that the core Democratic message in the race didn’t work.

Though I don’t have strong opinions about Ossoff’s message, I firmly believe Democrats must spend significant time between now and the heart of the 2018 season (which is fast approaching) crafting values-driven messages that communicate real improvements to people’s lives. These messages must be vibrant and simple.

At Arena, our theory of the case is that this work of identifying an effective combination of values, stories, and policies will come from direct work with candidates in districts around the country. For 2018, there won’t be one Democratic message but instead many different messages that best reflect the realities of the communities across the country. Of course, there will be some unity in these messages and some of this work will inform the 2020 platform, but we can’t yet ask for homogeneity.

In short, we at The Arena believe in a bottom-up approach to determining the story of the Democratic Party. We are spending the bulk of the foreseeable helping candidates across the country to hone their values, story, and policies. If you are interested in this work, donate to our efforts, or reach out about how to help with our Fellowship program.