The next Arena Summit

September 05, 2017

On December 9th, 2016, The Arena community gathered for the first time. Hundreds of people from almost every state — on a few weeks’ notice and on their own dime — came to Nashville to begin to build a community for the next generation of civic leaders. Since then, our community has grown by thousands as we’ve gathered for three Summits in three states. And over a hundred members of our community have launched political campaigns or new civic organizations across the country.

On December 8th and 9th, 2017 — the one-year anniversary of that first gathering — we will hold our fourth Arena Summit. Our next stop is Phoenix, Arizona. We have an opportunity, after last month’s hate-filled speech by the President in Phoenix, his recently announced plans to terminate DACA, and his pardon of one of Arizona’s most hateful criminals, to bring a different message and spirit to Arizona.

How will this Summit be different from previous ones? In Phoenix, we will more clearly articulate our vision for America. The theme of this Summit is “A More Perfect Union,” modeled after President Obama’s March 2008 Philadelphia speech of the same name. We will spend time in smaller seminar-style groups, reading President Obama’s speech and applying it to today. Together, as a community, we will discuss and further develop what these values of unity, inclusion, mutual respect, and shared hope for a better America mean for us and those who count on us.

Like previous Summits, we will feature speeches and trainings by civic and political leaders from across the country. You will hear from everyone from Senators and Governors to local school board members. You will leave with training from some of the most gifted experts in campaigns, non-profits, and policy. And you will spend time in regional communities, where you will commit to action with a group of peers who will assist you — and hold you accountable — to that commitment.

Bring your ideas, optimism, and willingness to work with others who may not share your views. We’ll gather in a spirit of discussion and healthy debate as we craft a vision and roadmap for a better America. And you’ll have the chance to engage on these issues with some of the most promising future leaders in our country.

Together, we will commit to a different vision of America — one that rejects cruelty and racism and focuses on how we build a better future that has room for more to participate and benefit. A vision that includes the most vulnerable in our society at the center of our politics.

Tickets are available now. For the first time, we’re offering early bird pricing. Get your ticket by September 19th and save 20%.

Tickets are now available. Join us.