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The Future Depends on State Legislative Races

November 04, 2021
Map zoomed in on Virginia

Most of the country is focused on the results of the Virginia Governor’s race last night. But we know the future of this country depends on state legislatures.

We’ve seen evidence of this time and again as states with unified Republican control have passed a rash of harmful state legislation targeting everything from voting rights, to reproductive rights, to public health. And last year, as Republicans tried to leverage state legislatures to steal the election.

That’s why Arena invested almost $200,000 this year in seven key Virginia House of Delegates races, placing Arena-trained staff on these campaigns and underwriting their salaries and benefits. As of this moment, we know we’ve won three of these races, with several others too close to call. The impact of our investment is clear.

Just look at Del. Wendy Gooditis’ campaign. We placed a field staffer on this race in June—a position rarely prioritized on down-ballot races. And, in Loudoun County, the hotbed of the CRT debate and the most significant battleground in the state, Wendy held her seat by a few hundred vote field margin. Our investment worked.

Next November there are 6,166 state legislative elections across the country, and we plan to invest in as many as we can. But to do this, we need your support.

The countdown to election day 2022 starts today. Let’s get to work building strategic state legislative campaigns.