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The Arena Impact on the 2023 Elections

November 30, 2023

With your support, our community delivered victories for Democrats across the country on Election Day.

From Kentucky to Ohio to Virginia, we celebrated wins powered by the Arena community. Arena-trained staff re-elected Democratic Governor Andy Beshear in Kentucky, defended the State Senate and flipped the House of Delegates in Virginia, and enshrined the right to abortion access in the Ohio constitution.

And that’s not all. Arena-Trained Staff worked on and managed critical down-ballot races that usually don’t get professionally trained staff, strengthening the candidate pipeline while securing life-changing policies for Americans.

Our community worked on successful ballot initiatives in Phoenix, Arizona; city council races from New York, to Seattle, to Houston; and school board races across the country. These are the sort of races that don’t get talked about in national media, but do make a huge impact in folks’ everyday lives.

Today, I want to share one special story with you – the story of Delegate-Elect Joshua Cole’s majority-making victory in Virginia.

The Arena team began investing in Delegate-Elect Cole in 2021 when he was running for re-election in a highly competitive race for the Virginia House of Delegates. We placed an Arena Staff Fellow on that campaign to serve as Deputy Campaign Manager and fully paid for that Fellow’s salary and health care. Together, in an extremely tough election year, they came within 650 votes of victory.
While they came up short in that final count, Delegate-Elect Cole and his team didn’t stop fighting the good fight – and neither did we.

Two years later, and with the unwavering support of the Arena Careers team, Delegate-Elect Cole hired Arena-trained staff to serve as his Field Director and Finance Director. This time, he won!

When his race was called on Election Night, it became clear that Virginia Democrats would take back the majority in the House of Delegates.

At Arena, we play the long game.

Our team has a data-driven and hands-on approach to move Democrats across the finish line and into positions of power. What we did with Delegate-Elect Cole’s campaign is the blueprint for what we plan to do in Arizona, Pennsylvania, Michigan, and beyond. I’m excited to execute on this vision as we move into this most critical election year.