Still in the Arena

March 19, 2020

Arena is a community above all else. We started in December 2016 as a convening at another time of great fear and anxiety. And more than any election we’ve won or bill we’ve passed, the greatest successes we will ever have are in the relationships we’ve built.

I see this first-hand in my experience over the past few years. My best friends, political collaborators, workout partners, elected representatives — even my roommates — have come from the ranks of the Arena community. I know this has been the experience for many of you as well.

That’s why I wanted to reach out and first say I hope you are okay. And though things are far too uncertain to promise any outcome, I can promise that if you need someone to talk to, I — and we as a team — are here for you.

I also wanted to update you on how we as an organization are handling this crisis.  

Of course, our work with Future Now Fund to flip five state legislatures is more important than ever. It’s crucial during this time that we elect competent and ethical leaders to our states who can help see us through crises like these. In the coming months, we will share more opportunities for you to help us achieve that goal.

But for now, we just want to know you are safe — and we want you to know we are thinking about you.