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Randy’s Story: Leveling Up for Success

November 20, 2023

Randy’s Story

Randy was working as a Voter Protection Manager at Fair Fight Action when he decided to participate in Arena Academy 101’s Organizing Director track. This political training helped him level up his skills to go on to become Deputy Director of Voter Protection for the Democratic Party of Georgia’s 2022 Coordinated Campaign. After the 2022 cycle, he attended Arena Academy 201. Both of his experiences at Arena Academy helped him plan his next steps, and he’s now the Georgia Voter ID Coalition Coordinator for VoteRiders.

How has Arena Academy impacted you?

Academy gave me confidence as a professional political operative. When I first attended Arena Academy 101, I had a lot of real-life experience, but no formal training. Arena Academy amplified what I already knew and gave me space to grow my understanding of areas where I had less experience.

What advice would you give to future Academy participants?

Learn as much as you can. Don’t be afraid to ask questions of others and of yourself.