More Arena PAC candidates win

August 29, 2018

Last night, Arena Fellow Lauren Baer won her primary for Congress in Florida’s 18th District.

This victory happened alongside historic results in Arizona, where all three of our Arena PAC Fellows in the state move on to the General Election.

To date, this means of our 33 candidates who’ve faced a primary election, 31 have advanced to the general election. And 23 of these candidates emerged from a competitive primary where they faced at least one Democratic opponent.

Since the beginning, we invested in people and places that have been historically under-resourced and overlooked. We supported first-time candidates who might not have a robust network of donors and campaign veterans, but have a compelling story and clear values.

And it’s working. Our candidates are running strong campaigns that are resonating with voters.

We’re proud to have played a supporting role. And we’re proud of what many of you — members of our community — have done to support these candidates.

Each of our candidates faces a competitive general election in November. Visit their websites, and learn how to pitch in your time and resources to help them win.