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Meet the rising class of Arena Academy Online

May 06, 2020

Our second Arena Academy Online begins tomorrow. As with all our Academies, we’ve worked hard to ensure that the next graduating class of Arena Academy looks like the constituents who will be voting in key races in November.

I’m proud that Arena’s data shows our efforts to make the Academy accessible to anyone who wants to join have paid off. 

To date, 68% of all Academy attendees have received registrations scholarships. 62% of Academy grads have been women or nonbinary, and 54% have been people of color. Many of these grads have gone on to land jobs through Arena Careers, which has almost 3,000 active users and 150 open listings for progressive jobs this week.

These trends have continued in our rising class:

We’re also recruiting campaign staff who have demonstrated a commitment to working in battleground states:

We feel confident that this Academy is among the strongest classes we’ve ever had. 

Follow us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram on @arenasummit to see more updates about the upcoming Academy. You can keep up with the training remotely using the hashtag #ArenaAcademy, where we’ll be sharing clips and livetweeting our most popular sessions.