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Jul 1, 2020

Introducing the Arena Alumni Network

Incredible things happen when Academy graduates come together.

Christopher Marte

Incredible things happen when Academy graduates come together. That’s why we’re so excited to launch the Arena Alumni Network: a community of Academy graduates designed to support their professional growth and solidify this incredible group of individuals, as together, we build an enduring progressive pipeline.

The Alumni Network will be a place for one-on-one career planning with Arena staff members and free tools and templates for current work. It will be a space to discover the latest in the progressive community, with everything from product demos to discussions with experts about political trends and policy. And it will be a way to get to know who else is here; who’s working on high-profile races, who you should know in town when you relocate for a new job, and who’s already working where you want to be next.

We created Arena Academy to break down traditional barriers to hiring in campaigns. Now we're taking that a step further as we launch the Arena Alumni Network to ensure that work grows with this community.

The Alumni Network is open to all Arena grads. If that describes you and you haven't received our semi-weekly digest, please contact me at


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