Introducing our campaign toolbox — Arena

Jun 21, 2018

Introducing our campaign toolbox

The Arena Toolbox is a collection of tutorials, toolkits, and resources for campaign professionals to run a best-in-class campaign.

Lee Pedinoff

There are an unprecedented number of first-time candidates running for office -- including many from historically underrepresented communities.

But it’s not easy to be a first-time candidate. There are a lot of barriers to success -- like securing the financial resources to run, hiring the best talent, and accessing the tools and proven strategies to mount a formidable campaign.

We’re working to break down these barriers and make politics accessible to a new generation of leaders. And that’s why we’re excited to launch the Arena Campaign Toolbox.

The Arena Toolbox is a collection of tutorials, toolkits, and resources for campaign professionals to run a best-in-class campaign. 

We built the Toolbox with a few principles in mind:

  • Quality over quantity. We won’t overwhelm you with hundreds of tools to sort through. Instead, we present you with a curated selection of high-quality tools.
  • Accessible but sophisticated. We don’t water down or over-simplify. But you also won’t need to watch hours of tutorial videos to learn how to use them. We set out to build resources that are user-friendly, yet robust and comprehensive.
  • Back to basics. New apps and tech can't fix every problem. Our tools will help you perfect the fundamentals, employ research-based best practices, and plan for meticulous execution of your strategy.

We’ve developed tools in three categories: campaign leadership, organizing, and storytelling.

  • Campaign Leadership: How to build a strategic plan, hire campaign staff, and manage a high-performing team in a high-stakes environment
  • Organizing: How to plan and execute a great field program to empower volunteers and engage voters at the doors, on the phone, and online
  • Storytelling: How to develop your narrative and amplify your message online, in the press, and on the ground

To activate the next generation of candidates, we must also activate the next generation of campaign talent. Our Toolbox is designed to help the next generation of managers, strategists, and organizers build strong campaigns.

The best part? Our Toolbox is free. Need a budget template? No problem. Guidance for what goes into your campaign plan? We’ve got you covered. Some tips for interviewing and hiring a campaign manager? We’ve got that too.

We'll continue to add resources to our Toolbox. So stay tuned.


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