How your gifts change who gets hired

March 05, 2020

In order to better support the next generation of campaign staff, earlier this year we launched a new quarterly survey to keep up with Arena grads and learn how we can assist them as they take the next steps in their careers.

We learned that 75 of our alumni went on to work for Presidential campaigns.

Arena grads also include 34 Congressional campaign staffers and 20 alums working for Democratic parties and committees at state and federal levels.

We already knew that 57% of our grads are people of color and 62% are women. Our survey findings confirm that this trend extends to the 21% of graduates who landed jobs with no political experience before Arena.

This is proof that your gifts are changing who gets hired and how long it takes them to find a job. 119 Arena scholarship recipients had never worked in politics before. Most of them come from the backgrounds (like low-income families) that Democratic campaigns must better represent if we’re going to win.

If you’d like to get involved, consider donating to our Arena Academy Scholarship Fund. With a more diverse, more strategic Democratic talent pipeline, campaigns in battleground states will be able to more efficiently find trained staff as diverse as their voters.