How are the Arena candidates doing?

March 09, 2018

The Arena PAC Fellowship provides coaching and direct assistance to candidates as they launch campaigns, develop strategy, and implement plans. Though we tailor support for each leader’s needs, we focus on a few critical areas: storytelling, campaign leadership, and organizing. We’ve worked with 21 candidates since we began our candidate support work, and are currently working with 10 Fellows who are running for office in 2018. These Fellows have also set up an Arena Joint Fundraising Committee that has raised over $427,000 from Arena supporters in four months.

We recently launched our application for our second Fellowship class, and we received well over 100 applications from 32 states. We will announce that second class in early April.

In the meantime, we want to take this opportunity to update our community on how our first round of Fellows are performing.

A few highlights

And a few updates on each candidate

Andy Kim, Congress, New Jersey, 3rd District

Chrissy Houlahan, Congress, Pennsylvania, 6th District

Dan McCready, Congress, North Carolina, 9th District

Elissa Slotkin, Congress, Michigan, 8th District

Gina Ortiz Jones, Congress, Texas, 23rd District

Jessica Morse, Congress, California, 4th District

Josh Harder, Congress, California, 10th District

Ken Harbaugh, Congress, Ohio, 7th District

Lauren Underwood, Congress, Illinois, 14th District

Lina Hidalgo, Harris County Judge, Houston, Texas