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December 19, 2018

Last month, Arena launched a major project for 2019: Arena Academy, which will recruit, train, and support the next generation of Democratic campaign staffers.

Applications are open, and we’ve already received more than twice the number of applications than we have available seats. Our applicant pool is diverse in almost every way: by gender, geography, race, and income.Part of our commitment to breaking down barriers to entry to political work is to provide at least 30% of our participants with full scholarships (including travel and lodging). However, to date, over 60% of our applicants have requested financial assistance. We want the Academy to be accessible to anyone who wants to learn and would love to expand our scholarship capacity.

Will you support the Academy with a gift of $5, $25 or $100 today, to help us expand the number of scholarships we can offer?

Please donate now if you can to help us fund more scholarships.

A lack of resources should never be a barrier to getting involved in politics — at the candidate level or the staff level. I hope you will consider joining us in our effort to make the Academy as inclusive and accessible as possible.