GOTV emergency response guide

November 01, 2018

If you’ve worked on a campaign, you’ve likely heard GOTV horror stories.

Think staff forgetting to tell the candidate about one hundred volunteers busing in from California, staff leaving to deal with a family crisis, or labeling ten thousand door hangers with the wrong polling place.

Unfortunately, we have all been there. The good news: it can be prevented — or at least planned for — and practiced so the unpredictable is made manageable.

In many states, like my home state of Arizona, you’ve already made your early vote GOTV plan. You can use these tips for your traditional, final four GOTV days.

Here are some tangible steps to take this week, pre-GOTV week.

Make a GOTV plan, then a back-up plan, and a back-up plan for your back-up plan.

Assign clear leadership roles to each staffer and super volunteer. And then back up those roles.

Plan for inclement weather.

Set alarms.

Take control of your candidate’s social media, schedule, and personal time.

GOTV is wonderful. It is also the most stressful part of a campaign. Plan, plan, plan; then, make sure your communication systems are the strongest they have ever been. People should know exactly where they’re going, and should be able to fill in for any role at any time. Keep your team happy, healthy, hydrated, and motivated.

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