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Getting Curious with Arena

February 22, 2024

Hey Getting Curious fans! We’re so glad you found the Arena Community.

At Arena, we’re building the teams that power Democratic victories. Thanks so much for stopping by! Here are a few ways you can get involved with us.

Arena Summit

Join us April 20-21 in Atlanta, Georgia for 2024’s most important convening of progressive changemakers at Arena Summit. The event will include activists, organizers, movement leaders, donors, and elected officials—all coming together to learn from and strategize with one another. Tickets cost $200 and we have a special 20% off discount for JVN fans and Getting Curious listeners!

Support our Work

Every cycle, Arena-trained staff hold thousands of roles in campaigns and movement organizations, and play a critical role in victories up and down the ballot, from city council races to presidential campaigns. We provide all of our training at free or low cost thanks to our generous donors. Help fund trainings and scholarships by becoming a monthly donor.

Become a Monthly Donor
If you want to break into politics or already work in the field, check out our Campaign Staff and our Get Trained pages.

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