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Farewell to Abby Witt

January 29, 2021
Photos of Abby Witt

This week, we say goodbye to an invaluable member of our team, Abby Witt.

Over the past two and a half years, Abby has served as a Partner on Arena’s team and has helped Arena grow tremendously. In the 2020 cycle, she led our electoral partnership with Future Now Fund, in which we jointly invested $7 million in local races in five states. Abby also oversaw our Academies last cycle, which trained 1,102 current and aspiring campaign staffers. And, she played a crucial role in launching our Careers platform, which now has 4,000+ active job seekers and more than 250 employers. She helped Arena Careers be so much more than a jobs platform, thanks to her leadership it is a much needed service that helps aspiring campaign staffers make their dreams a reality.

Throughout it all, she’s shown herself to be a no-nonsense, expert on campaigns an incredible teammate who leads with vision and by example. She’s become a valued resource for staffers and candidates around the country—one who is always working to better the progressive movement.

Arena wouldn’t have accomplished half of what we’ve done these past few years if it wasn’t for her. So we want to take this opportunity to thank her for her amazing work. And you can thank her too. If you’ve been touched by Abby’s work these past few years, please show your love on our social media.