Arena and Future Now Fund are teaming up to flip four key state legislatures

December 11, 2019

The battle for state legislatures is the single most important way to change our politics⁠—and the single most often forgotten. This year, we’re fixing that.

We’re excited to announce that Arena and Future Now Fund are teaming up to spend $7 million dollars to flip state legislatures in four key states: Arizona, Florida, Michigan and North Carolina. 

We chose these states because their Republican majorities are paper-thin and the policy stakes are huge. That means in most cases, we only need to flip a handful of seats to fix Republican-made state crises like racial gerrymandering and restrictions to Medicaid. 

Here’s how we’ll do it: 

Arena and Future Now Fund are natural partners to execute this ambitious plan. Future Now Fund builds the power to improve Americans’ lives by evaluating all 99 state chambers to identify where they can be difference-makers and endorse inspiring, committed candidates in those states. In 2018, Future Now Fund’s electoral work resulted in one broken supermajority in North Carolina, two flipped chambers in Maine and New Hampshire, and historic progress in five states including Michigan and Arizona.

State races (not the presidency) determine who can vote, whether your state has opted into Medicaid expansion, and how fair representation is in Congress. Consider donating $5 a month to help us keep up this important work.