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Arena Academy 201 Videos Now Live

October 06, 2020
Arena Academy201

This summer, Arena hosted a series of seven Arena Academy 201 trainings.

Today, we are excited to make many recordings of these sessions available in the Arena Toolbox. 

These trainings ranged from two-hour panel discussions to half-day trainings comprised of multiple sessions. All together, we hosted 26 individual sessions and trained 495 current and aspiring campaign staffers through Arena Academy 201 programming. 

We covered topics from digital ad creative to centering equity on campaigns. We discussed the nuances of political partnerships and explored how to run vote by mail programs. 

Arena Academy 201 set out to create a community of practice where staff could come to learn, share, and troubleshoot together. Campaigns have worked through unprecedented circumstances in 2020. In a world characterized by social distance, we created an experiential learning space where staff could collaborate, meet, and brainstorm.

As we told participants at the beginning of each one of these sessions: Taking time to deepen your learning is important. Be present. Lean in. It can feel like we never have enough time on campaigns to get through daily to-do lists. However, allowing yourself space to process, absorb, and connect is vital.

We’re excited to share these videos and knowledge with you.