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Arena Academy 201: Management Skills Recap

July 01, 2024

Strong management changes lives and wins campaigns.

From June 27-29 we held Arena Academy 201: Management Skills. A virtual training designed to help current and aspiring managers be effective, strategic, and values-driven leaders as Election Day nears.

Too often, new managers on campaigns find themselves in positions of leadership without support or formal training. Well-intentioned and passionate practitioners often feel in the dark about best practices and guessing how to run their teams and programs. This can lead to poor team culture and misguided strategy. The stakes are too high this election for our leaders to be unprepared.

That’s where Arena comes in. At Arena Academy 201 we support new and aspiring leaders as they step into people and program management roles on campaigns. We give them a community to lean on as they make the transition and a road map of how to be an authentic leader. Our participants leave equiped to be strategic, people-centered leaders.

During Arena Academy 201: Management Skills we held sessions that allowed participants to build community, self reflect, ask hard questions, and grow. Sessions included: a Leadership Self Assessment, Hiring and Managing Equitably, Candidate Management, Giving Feedback, Budgeting, Performance Plans and Termination and more!

Arena Academy 201 Recap


States represented by Academy 201 participants

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The experience

Here’s some of what our participants had to say:


At Arena we ensure our community has the skills and networks they need to land high impact jobs. During Arena Academy 201 we hosted a virtual careers fair to connect our community to employers hiring right now. During the career fair, 25 employers joined us and 357 job seekers signed up to attend.

Building community online

Arena specializes in creating virtual environments that feel connected, fun, and allow participants to build lasting relationships. Here are a few photos from our time together

A hearty thank you to our sponsors

Arena is incredibly grateful for the support of our sponsors who are leaders in fundraising and technology. We were proud to showcase their organizations, products, brands, and services to our community and help them build lasting connections with key decision-makers across the country. Their generous support made Arena Academy 201 possible.

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