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Arena + 5BF Announce New York Endorsements

June 23, 2020

In 2018, we supported candidates up and down the ballot who promised to bring their constituents new ideas, new energy, and desperately needed change. We are proud that these promises have been kept and are re-endorsing this progressive slate for the  Democratic Primary.

On a federal level, we’re excited to once again support Adem Bunkeddeko, Dana Balter, Rep. Antonio Delgado, and Rep. Max Rose. In addition, we have endorsed Council Member Ritchie Torres in his bid for Congress in New York’s 15th District. Among other things, this very close election will determine whether one of the bluest districts in the country sends a Trump supporter to Capitol Hill.

On the State level, our slate of candidates have made historic progress in Albany. From historical housing policy to immigration rights to election reform, all four elected officials systematically changed our State for the better.

We are consistently impressed with their dedication to their districts, and are proud to once again endorse Senator Alessandra Biaggi, Senator Zellnor Myrie, Senator Jessica Ramos, and Assemblymember Catalina Cruz.

We are also endorsing Emily Gallagher for Assembly District 50 and Emerita Torres for State Committee in Assembly District 85. Both women are challenging political machines and are tireless neighborhood advocates, starting food delivery and mutual aid efforts in their respective neighborhoods. Ms. Gallagher has been outspoken on issues of housing and environmental justice. Ms. Torres co-founded the East Bronx Democrats to encourage her community to be more civically engaged.