Pandora + Soundcloud Ads

Streaming Radio

Pandora is an internet radio station with ad inventory available to serve audio, video, and display ads. You are also able to serve your ads on Soundcloud through them, but only issue advocacy ads are available for the time being.


76 million

Meant For

Communications & Digital Staff, Ad Agencies

Who Is It For

Campaigns and organizations looking to strengthen their media programs by tapping into the fact that many voters have a streaming radio service playing at home during the day while they scroll through other social media platforms.

Common Use Case

  • Running persuasion or mobilization campaigns with 6s – 30s audio spots.
  • Utilizing Pandora’s demographic targeting to reach Latinx and Black voters.
  • Targeting a youth mobilization audience through Soundcloud.


  • Pandora provides a large variety of audience targeting options ideal for most electoral campaigns at any level.
  • If your team can write a script, Pandora can produce your audio ad with numerous voiceover options through their in-house service, in many cases at no additional charge.
  • As a managed service, running a campaign doesn’t require staff capacity for day to day ad management.
  • Pandora’s ad environment is higher quality and less cluttered than other platforms, creating a better space to let persuasive audio creative shine through.


  • Compared to other ad platforms like Facebook or Twitter, Pandora’s format tends to be more expensive and less effective for running list acquisition campaigns.
  • As a managed service, you won’t have access to real time analytics on your campaign performance. However, you can request automated daily reports.

US Political Ad Policies

Disclaimer requirements for creative are consistent with Federal Election law.

CPM by Creative Type

  • Audio Ads: $30-32
  • Video Ads: $30
  • Static Ads: $15*Based on internal data

Notable Targeting Capablities

  • Geo-targeting (Country, state, city, zip code, congressional district, state legislative district)
  • Multi-cultural affinities like Hispanic & African-American
  • Political affinity audiences from Democrat, Lean Democrat, Independent, Lean Republican, Republican
  • Sequential creative retargeting

Hot Takes

“Pandora’s managed ad buying service and in-house audio production team make them a viable option for smaller campaigns. If you can put together a script and a simple banner ad, you’ll have enough to run an internet radio campaign.”

– Landru Parker, ACRONYM

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