By its very nature, GOTV is the sprint at the end of the marathon—volunteers, staff, and even the candidate may be on their “last legs.” And yet, they will be asked to do more than they’ve done at any other point on the campaign.

The good news: the pull of Election Day is an unparalleled motivator. Staff and volunteers will naturally be ready for a big challenge.

The bad news: lack of clarity and disorganization easily drown out motivation. Staff and volunteers will disengage if they feel there’s no plan or their help isn’t needed.

The challenge: creating a GOTV program that is transparent and organized, so that the campaign team can focus on turning out voters is no easy task. This means planning well ahead of time, training, and practicing to make sure department leads and volunteer teams understand their goals and execute towards them.

This guide is intended to walk you through all the components of a comprehensive GOTV plan.

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