Voter Contact Calendar



A campaign that is deliberate in all of the ways it reaches voters is critical to winning close elections. Campaigns cannot afford to operate in silos. Our organizing efforts and paid communications need to work hand in hand. This calendar will allow you to align your plans for voter contact with critical dates or deadlines in your district.

Beyond the key electoral dates and deadlines that you will know by heart come November, the calendar will help you plan your program for voter contact. This document will provide a framework to answer the following:

  • Who makes up the universe or audience of voters we want to reach?
  • When are we talking to voters?
  • How are we reaching them?
  • How many different ways are we reaching them?
  • What are we saying to them?

The answers to these questions aren’t in this spreadsheet template. Customizing this calendar for your race will help you manage the campaign’s voter contact programs.

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