Securing Sensitive Data



Have you ever had to send a list with personal contact information to a co-worker or volunteer? 

How did you send it? 

Via email, dropbox, or slack? What did you do with that data after it was shared with a coworker?

Even if you don’t have the word data, digital, or IT in your job title, you have probably interacted with personal data for your campaigns for a list for mailers, sign-up forms, or fundraising prospecting.  

How we store and share, data is critical to keep a campaign safe from potential cybersecurity threats. There are many guides out there with a long list of recommendations that can feel overwhelming for campaigns starting from square one. 

Luckily, our partners at DigiDems created a simple guide on four easy steps to take to secure your campaign’s data. 

These are not just actions to take on day one and be forgotten, but tangible steps everyone should practice throughout the campaign. 

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