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Finance Plan Tracker


Fundraising is a critical element of all campaigns, which is why it is vital to have a plan. Campaigns that plan for how to raise money are prepared for scenarios good and bad and can spend more time proactively looking ahead.  Fundraising on campaigns comes in many shapes and forms, and we must leverage the different tools at their disposal to create a realistic plan for raising money. 

From call time to email, this tracker will help you set expectations on projected amounts you can raise versus actual dollar amounts raised so you can compare the effectiveness of different sources of revenue. 

This tool from now until Election Day will help you do the following:

  • Plan each month and quarter of fundraising
  • Think critically about how to use different fundraising tools
  • Set smart month and  quarterly goals
  • Manage your fundraising program as you go
  • Give you a format and visual to help you communicate your fundraising plan

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