Best Laid Plans & How to Change Them





Campaigns are rapidly adapting to the new context of COVID-19. And, in any year, campaigns are always changing and facing new challenges. As a campaign staffer, you’re making dozens of decisions about how to reach the voters you need to, how to keep staff safe, and how to develop the right message to reach donors and voters. It’s hard to know what to do. Come to this Arena Academy 201 session, and you’ll learn a framework for adapting and workshop a current challenge you’re facing.

No matter what challenge you’re facing on your campaign—whether with organizing, fundraising, or messaging—this we’ll teach a human-centered design approach which will help you break down the process of problem-solving into clear steps that place people and constituents at the heart of the solution. You’ll be able to use this framework again and again as challenges arise over the course of this campaign cycle.

Arena Academy 201: Best Laid Campaign Plans, and How to Change Them
July 18, 2020

Julia Leitner & Abby Witt

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