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“Advice to Black aspiring campaign staff: You are worthy and qualified to be in the room. You are not supportive roles in this, you are necessary leaders in changemaking. Be unapologetically ambitious and fearlessly audacious. “

— Miriam Laeky, Executive Director, Texas Legislative Black Caucus

“Advice to AAPI aspiring campaign staff: You may look different than others in the room or have a different perspective, but that’s something to be embraced, not shied away from. Don’t be afraid to speak up. Your voice and insights are valuable, even if it doesn’t always feel that way. Never underestimate your power!”

— Aanchal Sahay, Manager of Political Programs, Planned Parenthood

“Advice to Latinx aspiring campaign staff: The main reason to stay in the work is how important it is: our democracy, our rights, and our communities are under attack and we need to defend them. Besides that, feeling valued at my work, feeling like I am making a positive impact in our country and in the world, and having the space to grow professionally and learning new things are all things that have kept me engaged with my work.”

— Héctor Portillo, Deputy Director of Targeting, Equis

“Advice to members of the LGBTQ+ community trying to break into politics: Be yourself! As an openly gay LGBTQ+ disabled staffer, I had to love myself early in my career and know that I am Enough. I encourage other staffers to know that you can do it and you are enough!”

— Jeff Pearson, Partner & Co-Founder, Blue Commonwealth Strategies, LLC

“Advice to women trying to break into politics: I would say don’t self-eliminate when job searching! You are more capable and qualified than you may think and any gaps in knowledge can likely be learned on the job. Confidence, adaptability, and a can-do attitude can take you far.”

— Janie Dusenberry, Regional Organizing Director, Mission for Arizona
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