Feb 15, 2019

The next Arena Academy

Arena Academy is coming to Charleston, South Carolina this April.

Abby Witt

We heard you.

In response to unexpected demand, we’re excited to announce our next Arena Academy in Charleston, South Carolina on April 12 - 16.

The application to attend just went live. Take your first steps to join a 2020 campaign, and apply today.

We’re going to Charleston as presidential candidates race towards the state. We want to give you a front row seat to this important moment in our democracy, while helping you level up your skills, and take your first steps to join a campaign.

We’re considering applicants at all levels of campaign experience. We’ll teach you everything you need to get started. In the process, you’ll get to know people from around the country who are hungry to get involved, and you’ll learn from seasoned campaign experts.

Our five-day intensive training program focuses on equipping you with the skills and knowledge you need to be successful in a specific role. But regardless of the role for which you’re training, all of our curriculum includes a heavy emphasis on management, leadership, and digital and data literacy. You’ll pick from one of seven training tracks, including:

  • Campaign Manager: This track is for you if you are looking to manage a state legislative or congressional race, and have at least one cycle of prior campaign experience.
  • Communications Director: This track is for you if you are looking to step into a role crafting a campaign’s core messaging, running the press shop, and directing rapid response.
  • Finance Director: This track is for you if you like the idea of building high powered networks and managing their capacity to fund a robust campaign.
  • Organizing Director: This track is for you if you are looking to step into a role managing the organizing program of a campaign. You’ll learn how to target voters, build voter universes, establish metrics and goals, and manage a team of organizers to persuade and turnout voters.
  • Digital Director: This track is for you if you are already working on campaigns but are looking to become savvier in your approach to digital. You will learn the latest in digital strategies used to communicate and mobilize voters, volunteers, and donors.
  • Data & Analytics Director: This track is for you if you are looking to step into a role in helping campaigns use data to develop people-centered programs. You will learn about the technical skills needed to analyze large data sets, and how to translate data into programs used in campaigns to talk to voters.
  • Organizer: This track is for you if this is your first campaign cycle, and you are interested developing and managing teams of volunteers to amplify the campaign’s message and move voters.

Interested in learning more about Arena Academy? Read more about it.

Be sure to apply by the deadline on Friday 3/1 at 11:59pm ET.